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  • M-Nail Box
  • M-Nail Box
  • M-Nail Box
  • M-Nail Box

M-Nail Box

M-Nail Box uses PID temperature control system which equipped with heating parts. It supports two temperatures modes, both Celsius and Fahrenheit are available. High brightness LED digital tube display, humanization operation interface and Infrared remotec-ontroller make it easy to use.


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Simply snap in the quick-disconnect heater coil and turn on the power switch and the unit will heat up to your pre-programmed temperature. We are constantly innovating and engineering new ways to improve the current state of vaporization.

1.M-nail box specification
A.Temperature control range:0~1800°F
B.Digital tube display
C.Aviation plug
D.Voltage input:110V~240V
E.Max power:100W
2.Heating coil specification
A.Rated power:100W
B.Rated voltage:110V
C.Coil:Inside diameter Φ16mm,Φ18mm,Φ20mm, are available

New Original design, cool appearance
The temperature can be set fixedly by remote controller
Easy to use and control
Both Centigrade and Fahrenheit display are available
Different heater coils can work under different voltages input
Over-current protection
Silicone anti skid pad on the bottom 

Safety warning
1.Persons under 18 are not allowed to use.
2.Do not to touch heating coil when startup to prevent being burned.
3.Heating coil damage caused by over temperature of 9990°F.
4.Please cut the power off when you leave to avoid accidents.

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