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If you are a retailer or distributor interested in buying wholesale simply  and fill out the form. Once the form has been completed we will review your information and contact you.

Menovo Warranty

Menovo will provide 3 months warranty for all products that customer purchased from our authorized agencies,stores,branches or directly from Menovo factory, Any other products purchased from other companies without authorization by Menovo, is not protected by Menovo .For more information, please contact Menovo directly or authorized agencies.

Menovo Products Cautions

1. Pls put this product on the place where your kids or pets can't reach, to avoid accidents.
2. Menovo product only sells to smokers aging above 18 years old. Non-smokers, children, pregnant women or any other persons can't smoke with medical evidence, are forbidden to use this product.
3. Menovo product is made of stainless steel and glass.When you use or carry it, please handle it gently to avoid colliding dropping or other violent actions to it, which may leads the product broken or hurt people.
4. Please use the high-rate 5C standard 18650 Li-battery.Other normal battery may impact the Doric Pillar aging or safety.
5. Menovo product is non-watertight, pls keep it dry when use or store it.
6. Our product is without battery and recharger. Menovo will not take any obligation for any accidents caused by inferior battery or recharger.


Please follow up this user guide cautiously. Menovo will not bear any legal responsibility for any violation operations.

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